RFID Detector I was looking to build an RFID detector which would work with 125khz and 13.56Mhz frequencies, this detector will alert the owner that their card is being read. In addition to this I have a few more ideas up my sleeve. Firstly I have to say a big shout out to Corey Harding. … Continue reading RFID-DETECTOR

Purse of Pwnge

By @5w0rdfish Purse of Pwnge  As featured in my Breaking the Bodyguard talk at BSides London 2018. This is a sly way to read the RFID cards of unsuspecting victims. I created it to use to bring something different to the table. I have tried to work on the components to slim them down enough … Continue reading Purse of Pwnge

Operation Shady Rat

The impact of Operation Shady Rat was felt throughout the world, dating from 2006, reaching over 14 countries; 70 victims featuring government organisations, companies and not for profits were targeted. Organisations such as the UN and the Olympic committee were targeted, the list of which may have noticed the breaches individually, however it was the … Continue reading Operation Shady Rat

Steganography 101

Steganography 101 As opposed to cryptography, which uses encryption to keep the data covert. Steganography can be known as the practice of hiding communications in plain sight. It focuses on keeping the channel of communications and the data sent covert. Firstly what is required is a cover medium. Many tools on the market now offer … Continue reading Steganography 101

Use cases of Steganography

Steganography, similar to many modern day technologies can be used nefariously; however there are legitimate uses. For example, reporters looking to privately publish their works. This is especially important where the location of the reporter means that communications maybe blocked or monitored. They require the facility to disguise their communications in order to get the … Continue reading Use cases of Steganography